Sunday Worship Services at 9:30AM

TCC is a community of believers of Jesus Christ who seek to grow in their relationship with God. We invite you to look at our website and learn more about our church.

If you are interested in visiting TCC and learning more about our ministries or our membership process, we invite you to join us for our “Next Step” Classes. Contact the TCC Office for more information. (

A little bit about Trinity Community Church

By Pastor Bruce D. Peterson


Becoming a member

Questions To Ask When Evaluating If You Should Join A Church
By Pastor Bruce D. Peterson

•Does this church seem to be where God wants me?
•Is the doctrine of this church Biblical?
•Is there a general health in the church body?
•Are there ministries and relationships through this church where I can discover authentic body life?
•Are the leaders of this church seeking to live and lead in submission to Christ?
•Can I see myself at this church long term (if God doesn’t lead me to move?)
•Does the church offer things that can help meet the needs of my family and me?
•Is the vision of this church one I can enthusiastically support?
•Does this church offer opportunities for me to serve and use my gifts meaningfully?
•Does the church, as a whole, reflect a commitment to the things that matter to God?
•(Heartfelt prayer, Authentic worship, Love of people, Evangelism, Discipleship, etc.)
•Is the Bible proclaimed as entirely true and the gospel of Jesus presented clearly at this church?
•Is this church where God has called me?
•Am I ready to join this church whole-heartedly and without reservations?