1952 TCC

Much has changed since Trinity began as a church in Norwood over one hundred years ago.
Today Trinity Community Church bears a different name, meets in a different location (pictured above in about 1950) and its members speak a different language. Only a handful of the descendants of those early Swedish immigrants are scattered through TCC’s congregation.

Many things at Trinity have not changed over the years.

  • The Church remains committed to the timeless Gospel of Jesus Christ and the truth of God’s Word.
  • Trinity continues to partner with other churches, to fulfill the Great Commission and Great Commandment.
    • Converge Worldwide (www.convergeworldwide.org), a fellowship of churches which springs from the same Swedish roots as TCC, brings people from many cultures together in Christ. Trinity, which connects with Converge in our mission, also reaches people from many cultures.
  • People from a variety of backgrounds in Norwood and surrounding communities find TCC a place to discover new life in Christ, to grow in Him, and glorify God.

In recent years, Trinity has expanded its ministry and its paid ministry staff (currently five in our ministry staff) for more effectively making disciples of all ages.