Let them Come: Training Kids to Follow Jesus in a Secular World

This TCC Message series runs from Mother’s Day through Father’s Day. The lessons from God’s Word apply especially to mothers and fathers, but also to future parents, grandparents and other family members as well. This series also speaks to everyone that is a part of the family of believers, because God’s Word exhorts the church-that’s all of us- to partner in the Christian training of children.

Kids growing up today face a culture that’s increasingly rejecting even the faintest reflection of the Christian world-view. Parents know this and discerning Christians wonder , “what can we do?”. The answer isn’t to run in fear. The answer isn’t anger toward the spiritually lost. the answer is the gospel- it’s gospel transformation for kids through the training parents provide and the partnership of the church community with parents in that training.

In this “Let Them Come” series, we will open God’s word to understand that training kids required the gospel-centered partnership of parents and the church. We will look at passages like mark 10L13-16, Deuteronomy 6, Ephesians 6 and more.

What we have covered in this series so far…

5/9: Mark 10:13-16
Introduced parent/church partnership in kids and teens coming to Jesus.

5/16: Deut 6:4-9
Training children is centered in the Lord and a heart response to Him.

5/23:P 2 Tim 1:3-5 & 3:10-17
Scripture is vital for training kids to live in an ungodly world