A Christ-Centered Partnership!

For several years, TCC has collaborated with Praying Pelicans Missions to foster an ongoing gospel-centered partnership with the ” Christ Light of the Nations” Church in Batey San Rafael in the Dominican Republic. Our partnership began in 2017 and since then we have been able to help meet the needs of the community by providing chicken coops for each of the 26 homes in the village, rebuilding the church building, and fostering growth and discipleship among the members of the church. The vision for this collaboration with Pastor Eddy from the church and with Praying Pelican Missions is to continue long term.

Check out pictures from previous visits below!

Trinity is planning to take another team of youth and adults to the Batey in the summer of  2022. The project that we are currently raising funds for is a well for the community that will provide clean drinking water.

Here are some recent pictures of the 2021-2022 Water Well Project!

  • Clean water delivery to the village
  1. Water Delivery
  2. Water well build begins
  3. Building Progress

We are currently planning and preparing for the next DR Trip happening on June 25th-July 1st. Please join us in prayer as the team prepares and fundraises.

The next DR Trip under the direction of Calebe and Ana Maciel. If you have any questions about the upcoming 2022 trip, please email Ana