TCC’s Phase Two Reopening for Sunday Worship begins on September 13th.

The Trinity body has been gathering together physically since the first Sunday of June and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. TCC meets weekly on Sunday morning at 9:30am. A livestream through Trinity’s website and facebook page is provided for those who cannot gather with us physically.

Should there be a resurgence of COVID-19 that forces the state of Massachusetts to shut down once again, we will revert to gathering online only.

What Phase Two Entails

TCC has in place procedures for weekly sanitization of the facility and a process for gathering to be done in a way that is safe, orderly, and compliant with the guidelines of both the state of Massachusetts and the CDC. We have acquired an electrostatic sprayer and are confident that we can maintain sanitation between services and events in the Trinity building.

We ask that you

  • Stay home if you are sick, have been recently exposed to COVID-19 or are not yet comfortable meeting in person
  • Wear a mask unless you are advised not to because of a medical condition or are under the age of 2. Children between ages 2-5 should wear a mask at their parent’s discretion
  • Maintain 6 feet physical distance from all who are not in your family/household
  • Utilize our hand-sanitization stations
  • Use the restroom before arriving at TCC to limit exposure

The main thing is the worship of the Lord “together,” and we are encouraging that in warm, face-to-face fellowship!

“Phase Two” will not

  • Have physical Offering (Please keep giving as TCC Partners by mail or electronically)
  • Offer any physical ministries such a coffee time

What You Will Experience

1.  Please pre-register to let us know if you plan to attend as well as how many are in your group. This will help us be sure to stay below the maximum percentage of capacity allowed currently by the state. You can do that by following the link on Trinity’s home page.

2. Arrive by 9:15am- When you arrive at TCC’s parking lot there will be clear signs to direct you through the glass doors which are the only entrance into the building. You will be directed by someone from TCC’s Team as well. We will write down the names of all who enter. (We encourage those attending to arrive by 9:15am, so entrance into TCC is staggered as much as possible)

3.Wear your mask-At or near the time of entrance, you will be reminded (at least by signs) that TCC asks you to wear a mask.

4. Seating- You will head up the stairs (which are essentially “one way” up before service and “one way” down after) and go to be seated in either the main Worship Area or the FLC (for the live video/audio).  When you enter either room, a TCC Team member will help direct you to a spot to sit with your group to maintain 6 feet of distance between those not in your party.

5. Welcome- If you choose to be physically present at TCC, please be prepared that in addition to worshipping the Lord you will be helping us to serve those who are worshipping the Lord with us via the livestream.

6. Dismissal-At the conclusion of the worship service (and after the livestream cuts off), someone from the TCC Team will “dismiss” you row by row or section by section. Please remain in your seat until “dismissed” as directed, so we can exit the building through the back sanctuary doors  in a way that is safe, socially-distanced, and orderly. We encourage no one to gather after service, but to return to their cars while maintaining social distancing.

Additional things to know

Sanitation Stations and Restrooms

There will also be clear signage and guidance to direct people on how to get to various locations in the building. Sanitizing stations will be available at various locations.  We are encouraging people to limit the bathroom use to help maintain social distancing.

 Process for Facilities/Maintenance

We have built a team of staff/volunteers to help with cleaning each week. The process will follow a checklist to ensure we are sanitizing all high contact services between each gathering. 

If Someone Becomes Ill Who Was Present At TCC

If there is a confirmed Covid-19 case at TCC on Sunday, TCC’s leadership will contact Norwood’s Town Manager and Norwood’s Board of Health Office for guidance and next steps.  We will also directly notify everyone who were there and give a general communication to all of TCC. In addition, we will look to complete proper cleaning of all infected areas.

Youth Group & Adult Small Groups

Inside/Out Student Ministries for students grades 6-12 is currently functioning in Phase 2. Youth group on Sunday nights is meeting physically (with all COVID safety measures in place) in the Sanctuary. The first hour of youth group will be held outside in the park across the street if the weather allows. Youth worship and message will be held in the sanctuary. Beginning on September 20th, the youth group start time will begin at 6 and end at 8:30pm.

Please contact Trinity’s youth ministry leader Ana Maciel for more information to connect your student. Email:

Adult Small Groups are on track to begin in the fall. Please see the Small Groups page to sign up for a group.