TCC Small Groups

All TCC Adults are strongly encouraged to participate in a TCC Small Group to grow in faith and community together.
We offer small groups in 3 seasons throughout the year- Spring, Fall & Winter. 

If you are looking for a Small Group for middle and high school students, please visit the Inside/Out page here

Join us in the fall for a new season of Small Groups!

Below are examples of the times and types of groups that had been offered this spring. 

To learn more text 833-922-5463 or contact TCC (781-762-8408 or


Women’s Groups

Tuesday evenings 6:30-8:30PM
Led by Cindy Fitzgerald & Alison O’Hara, in person in Norwood 

Daytime Wednesdays 9:30AM – 11AM
Led by Diane O’Toole & Deb Golden, in person in the TCC Library and on Zoom

Tuesday evenings 6:30-8PM
Led Sandra Dougherty & Tracy Claypoole, in person in Norwood

Saturday mornings 8-10AM
Led by Brie Travaline & Patricia DeMarrais, in person in the TCC Library and on Zoom

Tuesdays evenings 7-9PM on Zoom
Led by Norma Eures & Christine Burke


Men’s Groups

Monday early evenings 6-7:30PM
Led by Ken Ware & Eric Anderson, in person in Randolph

Tuesday evenings 7-9PM
Led by Mike Fitzgerald & Paul Wagner, in person and on Zoom in the TCC Library

NEW Thursday early morning 6:30-7:30AM
Led by Eric Peterson & Matt Tedeschi in person in TCC Library


Mixed Groups

Couples Monday evenings 8-9:30PM on Zoom
Led by Kevin & Bridget Gerhart & Ken & Elise Mackin

NEW Monday evenings 6:30-8PM
Led by Rob & Eileen Ferrini, in person in Norwood

NEW Tuesday evenings 7-8:30PM
Led by Mike and Shannon Lockard, in person in Norwood

Thursday evenings 7-8:30PM
Led by Steve Mills, Melissa Alfonso & Alex Fleming, in person and on Zoom in Walpole

Sundays after service 11AM-12PM
Led by Tip Lydon, Lisa Pisano & Steve Flaherty, in person in Rm 102 at TCC.

Seniors Mixed Group Thursday afternoons 1-2:30PM
Led by Bill Dougherty & Matt Travaline, in person and on Zoom in the TCC Library

Thursdays 5:45-7:00PM, dinner included, kids welcome
Led by Ana & Calebe Maciel, In person in Sharon