The Dr Walk for Water is Trinity Community Church’s Summer 2021 fundraising initiative to finish a water well in the remote village of Batey San Rafael in the Dominican Republic.

We have partnered with this village and its’ church, “Christ Light of all Nations Church” since 2015. Our longterm partnership exists to support this church and its’ leaders while also pouring into the community. We have come alongside them to build a new church building, provide chickens and a chicken coop for each if the 26 homes in the village and hope to now help them build a functioning water well with purification systems. The villagers of Batey San Rafael currently have limited access to clean water for consumption and bathing.

Why a Walk?

We will walk in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Christ in Batey San Rafael and across the globe to raise funds & awareness for this project and because:

  • 2.1 billion people worldwide still lack access to safe water
  • On average, women & children walk between 3-5 miles daily to gather water
  • Lack of access to clean water results in poor sanitation, infections and diseases
  • Lack of access perpetuates poverty
  • In the Batey, village animals such as goats and sheep(source of income and food for many) will sometimes travel to the mountain for clean water to drink and not return.

How it works

Sunday June 27th from 11:15am-1:30pm at Veterans Park, Norwood.

This is a walk for all ages, we encourage families to join in!
We will be doing 6 laps around the park to emulate the walk millions do daily
Your final 3 laps will involve carrying your bucket full of water
There will be activities, a moon bounce for kids, free snacks & more provided on the day of the walk!

How to Sign up

Follow this link to learn more details about each step and register for the walk online

Step 1: Register yourself and/or your family for the walk!
Registrations include DR walk for water T-shirt & bucket

Step 2: Multiply your impact by gathering sponsors to
“sponsor a water droplet” to fill your bucket!


Check out some recent pictures below of the water well project progress. The next steps are to put a roof on the water well building & purchase and install the water purification systems

  • Clean water delivery to the village
  1. Water Delivery
  2. Water well build begins
  3. Building Progress